Drum Against Mirror

by Maureen Donatelli

A visit to the sea, you and I,
our history cast here long ago
into this immense evolving gyre;
my insistence,
we search out our nakedness,

for the pull beneath tissue
the bound line of skin, blood and water,
circles, edge to edge,
and this long band of soft shore

an uncut universe,
immense foam
and tribulation;
sacred words will do,

speaking profane on holy things,
the meat and whistle of the world,
the summons tranquil in the curl of pearl surf
reaching, reaching as we turn into clouds draped

morning low
kissing the blue veil;
frost dissolves into a warm day,
the sun captured us, here,

a brief imprint flashed
upon the planes of slanted sand,

two lines meeting

parallel, sharing pulsation,
drum against mirror.

Maureen Donatelli lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia where she received her BA in English from The University of the Fraser Valley (Honours) in 2001. Besides all things poetic, Maureen enjoys photography and spending time with her children. Her poetry has appeared at vox poetica and is forthcoming in Stray Branch.

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