Broken Fences

by Glenda Barrett

Living on a farm
I hold my ears to keep
from hearing the squeal
of a hog before slaughter.
That’s over quick, but when
a young calf is taken from
its mother to the sale barn,
the cow bawls for days,
a low, haunting sound,
like someone moaning
as the cow marches back
and forth along the fence.
Only a mother could
know the anguish of losing
a suckling child, and feel
the aching in her breasts
as she longs for her baby
she carried for months.
I’ve found, it’s impossible
to find the dividing line.

Glenda Barrett, a native of Hiawassee, Georgia, is an artist, poet, and writer. Her paintings are for sale on Glenda’s writing has appeared in Woman’s World, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Farm & Ranch Living, Rural Heritage, Psychology for Living, Nostalgia, Journal of Kentucky Studies, and many others. Her poetry chapbook titled When the Sap Rises is for sale on

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