by Laury A. Egan

Hush like golden candlelight
     to midday summer sun
     like moonstones to diamonds.

Hush like an a cappella aria
     to a discordant symphony
     like a sympathetic word to ranting.

Hush like a gray dove’s call
     to the roar of a landing jet
     like home to ceaseless travel.

Hush like a tremulous zephyr
     to a raging typhoon
     like a caress to rape.

Hush like undulating dunes
     to granite rock
     like an acorn to oak forests.

Hush like yellow butterflies
     to marauding ravens
     like lambs to lions.

Hush like a baby’s breath
     to screams of wounded soldiers
     like one tear to keening sorrow.

Hush like an ice crystal
     to a white-out blizzard
     like meditation to coma.

Hush like silence
     to cacophony
     like stillness to death.

Laury A. Egan‘s work has received a Pushcart Prize nomination and has appeared in Atlanta Review, The Ledge, Emily Dickinson Awards Anthology, Main Channel Voices, Breadcrumb Scabs, Sea Stories, The Centrifugal Eye, and is forthcoming in Leaf Garden and Diverse Voices Quarterly. A full-length poetry collection, Snow, Shadows, a Stranger, has been issued in 2009 by FootHills Publishing.

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