Black Waters

by Ashley Schreckengast

A piece of me
lies in a stream,
tossed among the waters
like a fishing lure
in a current.
Its colors are just as
vibrant as those
of a rainbow trout,
and as stout as those catches
fighting on a fishing line.
A piece of me
is a part of the earth
at a creek’s edge,
getting pulled to the
murky surface,
and washing
into every part of it.
It circulates among the land,
cutting across pastures,
and wading in
shallow pools
at the bend of every brook.
A piece of me
was the fish, the man,
the dirt stood upon–
but it remains,
in the stream.

Ashley Schreckengast was born in Des Moines, Iowa, on November 11th, 1988. At the age of eleven, she was relocated to Florida and began steadily writing poetry and short stories. Although she attends the University of Central Florida for Environmental Studies, she does not foresee giving up on writing.

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