Eschatology of Love

by Ben Bever

The last known living specimen
of species diligo amor
was found dead in its cage last night
by keepers during normal rounds.
The animal—a male—had been
refusing food for several days
according to officials at
the Berlin zoo. While some suspect
the zoo of gross neglect, as yet
no legal action has been filed.
Although there have been many who
will claim to have encountered wild
examples, such sightings must
be seen as nothing more than talk.
The experts say these animals
are most likely d. vulgaris,
still common all over the world.

Ben Bever is a poet and graduate student at George Mason University in Virginia. He graduated from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing in 2006. He spent much of his childhood living in southeast Asia with his Foreign Service parents, including four years in Pakistan, a year in Indonesia, and spent high school in New Delhi, India.

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