What I Do To Entertain Myself

by Shane Jones

There’s this little hill and I tell everyone that if they walk up the hill they will fall off the other side. I don’t feel good about telling people about the hill but it entertains me. So far no one has walked up the hill but books have been written about the hill and the anxiety levels are out of control. Just yesterday I told a woman who was walking and reading a book at the same time, You are headed right towards the hill! and she fainted. She died. Sometimes late at night when everyone in the village is sleeping I walk up the hill alone. At the top of the hill I hold a lantern in my outstretched arm and move it through the darkness. I lift my foot and pretend to take a step.

Shane Jones is the author of I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands (Greying Ghost, 2008) and Light Boxes (Publishing Genius, 2009). Shane blogs at shaneejones.blogspot.com.

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