The Axe In the Sky

by Shane Jones

A man with an axe for a nose opened his top dresser drawer and found a colony of peasants setting up a village. The man with an axe for a nose had never seen this in his top dresser drawer before. They were building cottages, and one peasant, a girl, was taking a bath in a wooden bucket that sat in an empty field. When the peasants looked up and saw the giant axe in the sky they ran for the forest. But the girl stayed in her wooden bucket. “Just close the sky,” she said. “I like it dark in here.” The man with an axe for a nose grabbed a pair of underwear from the far right corner of the drawer. When he pulled his underwear out it got caught in the tree tops. It started to snow.

Shane Jones is the author of I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands (Greying Ghost, 2008) and Light Boxes (Publishing Genius, 2009). Shane blogs at

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