Our Lord of the Pigeons

by Jason M. Jones

He opens his arms and
scatters seed to the frenzied ground
where waiting beaks and
flapping wings invoke a flood
of black and brown feathers.

He breaks his stale loaves
to feed this mass, whether
they’re flea-ridden beggars or
lepers missing a toe or foot
or half their plumage.

The park bench is a pulpit
from which he spins the
gospel of universal flight,
and he pets those who offer
their doting walnut heads.

Alone among men, he finds
his brethren in the city’s
lost birds. He is, to them,
home. He is, to them —



Full Belly.

Good Meal.

Jason M. Jones is a writer/editor from the Philadelphia area. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rosebud Magazine 45, BluePrintReview, Lamination Colony, Pear Noir! 2, Gargoyle 55 and Potomac Review 47.

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