View of River, Night

by Jim Davis

Frail wings at the window,
ghostly lace, drawn to
muddy flowing current.

Dew, grass on bare feet;
tree flowers drop petals,
fall to speckle mud

on the river bank. Bamboo pole
arcs, pulls copper body
from muddy river water.

Fish eye moon, twitching whiskers,
below puckering lips, a blade;
in the mud, spilling roe.

Jim Davis is a graduate of Knox College and now lives, writes, and paints in Chicago. Jim’s first collection of poetry goes to print this summer with Mi-te Press. In addition to the arts, Jim travels the world as a semi-professional football player – an occupation that has taken him through the hills of Ireland, to the beaches of Spain, and down the back streets of Rome. His poetry and short fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in Town Creek Poetry, Caper Literary Journal, The Orange Room Review, Willows Wept Review, Disingenuous Twaddle, and Verse Wisconsin, among many others.

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