stars fell on alabama

by Timothy Gray

you know the receiving
kind          red
runny clay earth

awash in muck
keeping          their
singed edges stuck

i like my celestial
spirits             small
gritty my salvation

you too can find
an edge             south
of here down there

constellation’s bob
and             wheel
completed on earth

hitch and swing
muddy the heavens

Timothy Gray was born on the eastern shore of Maryland and raised in the lake country of western New York State. He is the author of two books: Gary Snyder and the Pacific Rim: Creating Countercultural Community (University of Iowa Press, 2006) and Urban Pastoral: Natural Currents in the New York School (University of Iowa Press, forthcoming 2010). He is professor of American Literature and American Studies at College of Staten Island, City University of New York. He is currently at work on a fiction/memoir hybrid entitled Blue Ontario. Timothy Gray lives in New Jersey with his wife Maria and their two young children, Alexander and Charlotte.

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