Two Crows Dancing in Winter

by Tom Lassiter

I am thinking tonight
of the crow and her mate,
iridescent black
against a canvas of white,

how rising in pair,
black eyes to first light,
they circle above,
wings beating the cold starched air

of winter’s frozen hush
over the stubble stalk field
split by the call-call
of their invocation

and alighting, preening,
fluttering glossy blue,
violet hued breasts
in late snow glinting,

they court
on cracked yellow leavings,
pairing, joining,
they dance, triumphant.

Tom Lassiter lives in South Florida. His fiction has appeared in Tropic, the late, great Sunday magazine of the Miami Herald, online at Tuesday Shorts, Storyglossia, and VerbSap, and is forthcoming at Bewildering Stories. A former reporter, his journalism has appeared in many newspapers and in New Times.

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