Do You Like the Pretty Blossom?

by Andrew Taylor

Blossom blowing Spring time breeze
‘Do you like the pretty blossom?’
driving from Maghull Station petals
blowing at us through air vents

Like a one footed pigeon scurrying
for scraps I’m precipice peering
pushing onwards strength sapping
as storm clouds rumble empty belly

On Dale Street puddle jumping
soaked knowing pain cuts through
you easily stinging and leaving its
mark like the fox returning to earth

‘Do you like the pretty blossom?’
three years on the answer is that
I always have takes my breath
away like tearing chest ligaments

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool (UK) poet and co-editor and publisher of erbacce and erbacce-press. His most recent collection, ‘And The Weary Are at Rest’ appeared in 2008 published by Sunnyoutside Press. Poems have recently appeared in Opium Poetry, Shoots and Vines, The Journal of Heroin Love Songs, and The Calliope Nerve. He recently gained a PhD in Poetry and Poetics.

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