Ribes, Narcissi, Broom and Barberry

by Andrew Taylor

Birdsong and Light
flood through the morning after
a million stars shone on your face
a need to wrap up warm after talk
dampened cheeks

At project’s end be there to walk
through meadows peppered with
flowers you know the Latin names
of talk returns to Cullion’s Cottage

deer on the lip of the hill smoke from
the houses below and 20p Daffodils
acres of Easter flowers bobbing on
a wind farmed breeze

Memories fixed ups and downs
support and strength revision time
forces crumpled pillows prior to
waking time

shared newspaper print car sandwich
sun your friend daily communication
the essential part! your dictionary mind
a key press away!

How about wildflower madness? blue tits
nesting viewed on CCTV architecturally
sound café for tea and cake can I take
you back to These Are The Things That

Kill Me? with additions of Blackbird bobbing
on the fir across the way Vini bringing
in birdsong to be played as desired in bed
acting as Melatonin

Sawdust scattered a friendly breeze
trees seep into bud garden haven
escape route where sunset bleeds
soul destroying sadness

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool (UK) poet and co-editor and publisher of erbacce and erbacce-press. His most recent collection, ‘And The Weary Are at Rest’ appeared in 2008 published by Sunnyoutside Press. Poems have recently appeared in Opium Poetry, Shoots and Vines, The Journal of Heroin Love Songs, and The Calliope Nerve. He recently gained a PhD in Poetry and Poetics.

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