A Poem for Mrs. A’s Birthday

by Cynthia Helen Beecher

Lily of the valley under the ancient
leaning apple tree at Mrs. A’s
white as her hair
so delicate in their tiny shapes
each touch of green a cut out
to show the leaves behind

A stir shows the quiet path
of the beetle: is he not
unsteady and slow from this
perfume that steals the spring
night like so many hearts?

Cynthia Helen Beecher lives in Sonoma County close to a river good for skipping rocks. She writes in the mornings, watched by cats. She is the author of The Rainmaker’s Dog (St. Martin’s Press, Cambridge University Press) and is a published photographer. She has essays, short stories, and poetry in print. She is at work on a collection of related short stories set in Africa, where she resided for nine years.

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