Ashes to Ocean

by Stephanie Sesic

for Diana (1953-2007)

Kure Beach, North Carolina

we put on our bathing suits
and went to your funeral

bending with bare hands
to dig a peace sign at low tide
curved branching trench
of sand and shell
spread with a thin layer
of ash and bone

waiting for the swell and suck
to claim you for the unknown world
that cradles and releases us

even while we clutch
handfuls of you
as we wade past the breakers
float on the rocking swells

spread you arcing
through the water
fling you billowing
to the sky

Stephanie Sesic lives in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, with her husband and their daughter. She teaches English and creative writing at Kent State University. Her chapbook The Intimate Verge was published by Pudding House in 2008.

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