There is no need for a torch

by Andrew Taylor

There is no need for a torch
the whiteness of the fields
allows the eye to settle
spot the amber lights of the horizon
through the swirling snow

Quite what I’m doing here is almost a mystery
walking through the fields to the church
on a Winter’s eve

Almost medieval this weather though
the glow of the pub enticing in its simplicity
offers a heightened sense of modernity

Returning past the former houses
of friends long gone
a hint of wood smoke allows
for the collection of memories that evaporate

through the iced tips of hedgerows

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool (UK) poet and co-editor and publisher of erbacce and erbacce-press. His most recent collection, And The Weary Are at Rest, appeared in 2008 and was published by Sunnyoutside Press. Poems have recently appeared in Opium Poetry, Shoots and Vines, The Journal of Heroin Love Songs, and The Calliope Nerve. He recently gained a PhD in Poetry and Poetics.

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