Mesabi Seasons

by Carter Norman

infant shadows sip shade
from small, leafy silhouettes
the earthen molt sends up its fertile scent
like a dog in heat, signaling the rain

wake-makers plow summer snow
divining rods bend toward fish
dusk brings the short winding calls of pond frogs
and loons
singing like jazz flutes

a suicidal leaf jumps
and falls upon a mass grave
as chimneys
grow long beards of smoke

winter seeps through clothes like ice water
pipes burst in a crawl space
a starting car groans like a sick animal
and pregnant seeds shiver in the long, subterranean night

Carter Norman teaches children with learning disabilities and holds a master’s degree in education. He lives in St. Paul with his wife and five children. His poems have been published in Inscape magazine and have won awards from the League of Minnesota Poets.

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