Nature’s Revenge

by Jason Mashak

I’ve been to the grand council of trees,
their patron snowy elderberry
bushes blending like perimeter scouts,
foxholes set and covered to catch
a careless boot. It has come to this:

The birds kamikaze with virus,
the polar caps dive like bears.
Nature returns fire
hurricanes quakes and waves.
And some of us, under cover,
give aid throughout the night.

Jason Mashak‘s poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Heavy Bear, Black Heart Magazine, The Smoking Poet, Venereal Kittens, Turntable and Blue Light, Eight Octaves Review, Long Island Quarterly, The Refined Savage, and others. His first book of poetry, Salty As a Lip, will be published in 2009 by Haggard and Halloo (Austin, TX). A Great Lakes native, Mashak lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

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