late fall Night

by Phil van Wulven

moonlit snow hushes
the shingles
and a slow fire licks
the iron stove
while the kittens are learning
how to purr
the queen brings
a night gift wrapped
in red
a mouse to play with

Phil van Wulven was born in Africa, into a family that changed houses and schools, as well as countries, quite often. Landlords, Headmasters and governments prefer you to leave places as you found them, he discovered. He has lived in Canada for quite a while now, where he is busy growing roots. He hates rejection almost as much as dejection, so has self-published a book of short stories, Heavy and Light Tales, which is available from He is delighted that his very first poetry submission was accepted for publication in Willows Wept Review, and intends to write more. He has almost finished a novel, Eland Dances, and is now beginning to publicize it shamelessly.

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