Sundress Best of the Net Nominations

As Roxane Gay noted over at the PANK Magazine blog the other day, it’s tough to look back at a year’s worth of pieces and select just a few to nominate. Over the last several days, I’ve read and re-read our fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh issues, and I have to say that it’s been difficult to decide which pieces to nominate–after all, we publish only writing that moves us; we publish only writing that we think is wonderful. As Roxane said, “We fall in love with everything we publish.” Or maybe I’ll say, “We publish everything we fall in love with.”

But choose we must, and with that said, I’m very pleased to announce our nominations for this year’s Best of the Net Anthology from Sundress Publications.




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  2. Pretty thrilled. Thanks a ton and I wish everyone here the best of luck when the time comes.

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