Issue Thirteen: Fall 2011

I’m not a superstitious person.

Issue Thirteen: Fall 2011But as I told the contributors to our thirteenth issues, there were times when it was difficult to find a reasonable explanation for the difficulties I’ve faced in putting this particular issue together. Nothing big, really, except that all of the little things that are normally simple simply weren’t. And I have to admit that I thought, more than once, that this is Issue Thirteen. At last, I think, putting this issue together became something best described as a war of attrition with Microsoft Word over page and section breaks. And I’m happy to report that, at long last, I think I’ve won that war, at least for now.

So I’m very happy today to offer, at long last, Issue Thirteen in both digital and print formats. The issue features a cover image by a photographer close to my heart, Hillary Urquhart, and poetry and prose by William Cullen, Howie Good, Gabriel “G” Garcia, Beth Paulson, George Korolog, Karla Linn Merrifield, Rae Spencer, Scott Owens, Carolyne Whelan, Inara Cedrins, Shannon Hennessey, Elise Atchison, Jeff Newberry, Judith Skillman, Craig W. Steele, Heather Candels, Dave Malone, and Jeffrey Alfier.

I am grateful for their patience, and for the trust they put in us. And when you see the fine work they’ve shared with us, I’m confident that you’ll find this issue will have been very much worth the wait.

Beginning with Issue Twelve, we have offered the journal in digital and print formats through HP’s print-on-demand service, Mag Cloud. Digital versions of this issue, including iPad and PDF versions, are (of course) free. Perfect-bound print copies of this issue will cost ten dollars and are available through Mag Cloud.

Looking forward, I anticipate publishing our winter issue in early March, with the spring issue following in late April or early June.

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