Issue Fifteen: Spring 2012

I’m very pleased today to announce the release of our fifteenth issue, which includes a cover image by Hillary Urquhart and features work by Betsy Burke, Hope Coulter, David R. Cravens, Jim Davis, Matthew Haughton, Jeffrey Johnson, B.T. Joy, Karla Linn Merrifield, Scott Owens, Rod Peckman, Andrew Ruzkowski, Hilary Sideris, Emily Strauss, Tim Suermondt, and Alison Carb Sussman.Issue Fifteen: Spring 2012

In recent issues, you may have noticed that we’ve given a bit more space to individual writers’ work, and I think you’ll see an even more deliberate move in that direction with this issue. In some cases, you’ll see more than one poem from a single writer–as with Andrew Ruzkowski’s four poems that open this issue; in other cases, you’ll see poems that are significantly more expansive than may be typical in journals these days–as with David R. Cravens’s “Credo.” I hope that allowing a bit more space for the work of some of the writers in this issue will give their ideas and images the room they need to develop and, I hope, to resonate with you as they have with me.

Beginning with Issue Twelve, we have offered the journal in digital and print formats through HP’s print-on-demand service, Mag Cloud. Digital versions of this issue, including iPad and PDF versions, are (of course) free. Perfect-bound print copies of this issue will cost thirteen dollars and are available through Mag Cloud.

I hope you find this issue as rewarding to read as it was to assemble–thanks so much to all of the contributors for trusting us with their very fine work.

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