Issue Nineteen: Winter 2021

In the poem that opens this season’s issue, Marly Youmans’s “The Changes” describes December as a time “when the crows and ravens stalked around / And jerked their blue and crisp-edged shadows over snow.”

Here in central Arkansas, the leaves are mostly down, a skein of geese flies overhead every morning just before eight o’clock (where are they going? where are they coming from? are they the same geese that flew overhead yesterday?), and there’s been at least one morning where small bits of ice and the occasional snowflake have coated the adirondack chair on my back deck. There are cardinals, and more robins, at times, than a person could possibly count.

Issue Nineteen includes poetry and prose by Becky Boling, Matthew Byrne, Holly Day, D. E. Green, John Grey, Meghan Healy, Tina Klimas, John Lambremont Sr., Mary Magagna, Karla Linn Merrifield, David Obuchowski, A. Rabaduex, Roberta “Bobby” Santlofer, Mário Santos, Marly Youmans, and Michael T. Young.

As with our previous issues, digital and print versions of the winter issue are available through Mag Cloud. Digital versions of this issue are free, and perfect-bound print copies of this issue will cost twelve dollars. You can order print copies and read the issue online at Mag Cloud.

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