My Arizona

“Tempe Town Lake burst: Surviving fish will die” – July 23, 2010
“Budget cuts close more than half Arizona state parks for 2010” – July 28, 2010
“Arizona’s concealed weapon law takes effect. Owners may now bear covered gun without permit.” – July 29, 2010
“Hundreds protest as Arizona’s immigration law takes effect” — July 30, 2010
“3 inmates escape from northwest Arizona prison.”  – July 31, 2010
“Skeletal remains believed to be missing Ariz. Boy. Remains found less than 2 miles away from Beaver Creek Campground near Rimrock, Ariz.”  – August 11, 2010

This is not the Arizona in which I live.

Sure, Arizona heat that hits 110 degrees or higher up to 20 days a year can be harsh and unforgiving.  In the summer it’s not unheard of for animals and babies to meet their death, left with inadequate air or water, in hot cars by their caretakers.

Sure, Arizona monsoons can leave cars stranded, stalled, and flooding in less than an hour with only the hope of a helicopter rescue.

But this is not the Arizona in which I live.

The Arizona in which I live is one of enormous beauty. One of expansive sunsets, double rainbows, breezy spring days that make the entirety of the summer heat tolerable for ‘just one more season.’ The Arizona in which I live is one of multiple climates and topographies – among them forests, volcanoes, deserts, 12,000 foot peaks and 5,000 foot deep canyons.

In my posts I hope to explore the depiction of place in media, literature, and life.  I will share my own experiences and observations as well as my reactions to what I read or see. Since Arizona has only held a small part of my (almost) 33 years, it will also only hold the subject matter of some of my posts. I will stray from Arizona to comment on other places of meaning to me or other literature I’m reading.

I look forward to stretching my mind and yours and hope to bring out my best on Willows Wept.

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