Andrew Taylor at Otoliths

Three sections of Andrew Taylor’s long poem “Ladies and Gentlemen: Mogwai” are included in the latest edition of Otoliths.

Here’s an excerpt–enough, I hope to get you to click over and read more:

Winter chipping at the window
hunger bladder wrack               a deserved pain

amber liquid clings to glass


the yard                  rubble where Jonny
angled the tv out of the back bedroom window
Diane in pink shirt        and an old pair of my jeans

When you’re done over at Otoliths, come on back to read more of Andrew’s work. You’ll find his poem “There is no need for a torch” in Issue Two of Willows Wept Review, and three of his poems in Issue Three: “Do You Like the Pretty Blossom?”, “Coastal Poem,” and “Ribes, Narcissi, Broom and Barberry.”

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