Issue Eleven: Spring 2011

April, we’ve been told, is the cruellest month. And perhaps this line from Eliot might offer some explanation as to why our eleventh issue is coming to you in the first week of May, instead of the last week of April, as we’d originally planned.

Issue Eleven: Spring 2011Although, to be fair, I wouldn’t describe my April as cruel: only as full. Full of good things, to be sure, including the chance to read a great deal of extraordinary writing, much of which you’ll find here.

Spring, I know, is just touching our northern neighbors, but here in central Florida it seems almost a memory already, spring nearly as fleeting as the delicate blossoms captured in this issue’s cover image by Melissa Anne Urquhart. Temperatures are touching–some days, I would say embracing–the 90s, and the steady build-up of clouds each day promises the soon-to-be-daily afternoon showers that define summer in Florida.

I am very happy today to offer our eleventh issue, a collection including work from Corinne Elysse Adams, Julie Ann, Amy C. Billone, Eric Burke, Ab Davis, Maureen Donatelli, Debra Galloway, Howie Good, Rose Hunter, Kevin Kaiser, Maureen Kingston, Hellen Losse, D.C. Lynn, Florence Major, Byron Matthews, Nick McRae, Kari Nguyen, Luke Ritta, Robert Scotellaro, Rae Spencer, and Craig W. Steele.

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