Welcome, Kathleen Kraft!

I’m pleased today to welcome Kathleen Kraft, who joins us as Associate Editor.

Regular readers of Willows Wept Review will remember Kathleen’s work from a number of our previous issues. Most recently, her poem “Uptown” appeared in our tenth issue. Her Poem “After Robert Delaunay’s The Racers” was in our ninth issue. Her poem “Fairview Road, Monterey, Massachusetts” was in our eighth issue and received one of our nominations for the Pushcart. And her poem “Flying After Your Death” appeared in our fourth issue, and it’s one that we nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology from Sundress Publications.

Elsewhere, you’ll find Kathleen’s work in publications such as The Prose Poem Project, Pirene’s Fountain, and anderbo.com.

We’re very glad to have her here–please join us in welcoming her to the Willows Wept staff!

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